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SH series Roller Crusher

Development concept

SH Roller Crusher crushes stones completely,shells and clod of clay contained in raw materials by the revolution of 2 strong rollers.

There is little noise,as no gears are used in the Roller Crusher. A shock-absorber is fitted,so ensuring efficient trouble-free operation when foreign substances come into the gap of the rollers.This machine can crush all kinds of raw materials efficiently by means of the individually adjustable speed control of the two rollers.

Key characteristics

  1. Hydraulic buffer system is adopted for absorbing the shock from foreign substances and has the important role of protecting the machine from damage.
  2. Durability is superior because the rollers are made from special materials,so they have high resistance for wear.
  3. The base of shaving unit is mounted on the base of the crusher and a shaving tool which is made to slide parallel to the roller surface is attached to eliminate the work of removing the rollers for shaving the surface.
SH series Roller Crusher

Model Dimensions Power Roller Gap Capacity/hour Weight
SH2R-1200WAC (L)6,500X(W)2,180X(H)2,070m/m 8P:75-55kw
2-4m/m 54,000-110,000kg/h 12,500kg
SH2R-1000CⅡ (L)5,700X(W)1,915X(H)1,560m/m 8P:37kw
2-4m/m 18,000-36,000kg/h 7,000kg
SH2R-600 (L)2,640X(W)1,600X(H)1,130m/m 8P:7.5kw
2-4m/m 8,000-15,000kg/h 2,100kg
*Capacity may differ depending on clay properties and condition.

Roller Shaving Unit
Model Dimensions Power
RCM-70 (L)1,500X(W)800X(H)830m/m 4P:1.5kw 4P:0.2kw SH2R-1000CⅡ
RCM-100 (L)1,800X(W)800X(H)830m/m 84P:1.5kw 4P:0.2kw SH2R-1200WAC
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