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BF series Box Feeder

Development concept

Box Feeder not only prepares high quality raw materials by blending several materials but also smoothly feeds,a specified amount to the subsequent process.

Key characteristics

  1. This machine is rigidly constructed using rolled steel sections in most parts such as the frame,box,hopper and conveyor.Special alloy steels are used for parts subjected to wear in order to ensure a long life under severe use.
  2. High quality materials are produced due to the easy adjustment of mixing and feeding volumes of raw materials.
BF series Box Feeder

Model Dimensions Power Capacity/hour Weight
BF150-3 (L)8,906X(W)3,533X(H)4,878m/m 4P:7.5kw4P:5.5kw (3sets) 19,000-150,000kg/h 22,300kg
BF85-3 (L)8,517X(W)3,206X(H)4,394m/m 4P:3.7kw 4P:5.5kw (3sets) 4,000-85,000kg/h 17,500kg
BF30-2 (L)5,200X(W)2,170(H)2,720m/m 4P:1.5kw 4P:3.7kw (2sets) 1,500-30,000kg/h 5,400kg
BF-30T-3 (L)6,450X(W)3,000X(H)3,989m/m 4P:1.5kw 4P:3.7kw (2sets) 1,500-30,000kg/h 8,500kg
BF17-2 (L)5,275X(W)2,050X(H)2,335m/m 4P:1.5kw 4P:2.2kw 1,100-17,000kg/h 4,500kg
BF10-24 (L)4,650X(W)1,890X(H)2,350m/m 4P:1.5kw 4P:2.2kw 1,500-10,000kg/h 2,500kg
BF10-15 (L)3,750X(W)1,890X(H)2,350m/m 4P:0.75kw 4P:2.2kw 1,500-10,000kg/h 2,120kg
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