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UR50 type Roller Machine

Development concept

Model:UR-50 is an automatic roller machine which KAJISEKI has developed based on all available technology in accordance with a tendency toward small volume production of various articles.This machine is capable of performing both flatware(outside making) and hollowware(inside making) with one unit and further adopts a high precision cam slide forming system.

This roller machine forms high quality of products with a high yield to meet the needs of industry.

Key characteristics

  1. Adjustment of the roller head can be performed easily with individual adjustment for each action (front and back,left and right,up and down and angles).
  2. Cam slide forming by using the cam-based mechanism provides delicate and smooth motion of the roller head and improves clay malleability.Therefore,this machine handles a wide range of clay condition with moisture content from 19% to 22%.
  3. Bowls with a high foot can be produced at the same position as a general hollowware forming with the result that the load which on the spindle shaft and bearing is extremely reduced.In addition,peeling does not occur from the mold during forming,resulting in products without distortion.
  4. Since speed changers are individually installed to the spindle shaft,head shaft and cam shaft,the revolution speed can be independently changed.
  5. Safe operation can be performed since when only one head is used,the head shaft,spindle shaft and heater of the roller on the other head can be stopped.
UR50 type Roller Machine

Name Automatic Roller Machine Heater Required 2.5kw(2 sets) or 0.5kw(2 sets)
* May be used combinationally
Model UR-50 Capacity 3.5-14 pcs/min

Straight-wall products FUp to depth twice
the inside diameter(120mm at max.)
Pouched products:Max.roller slide 12mm
(10 to 18mm in product)
Plate,general products:12 inches at max.
Products with foot :Foot angle up to 25 degrees.
Dimensions (L)1,260mm
Power 4P-1.5kwE6P-0.2kw(2 sets)
4P-0.04kw for conveyor
4P-0.4kw for pump
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